Saïd wasn’t a bad person at first. He is dark and handsome and found me good looking.

” Qu’est ce que t’es belle!”he said. We made love in a gentler way the second night, he softly undressing me and giving me pleasure. Dieter was all into harshness and punishment. I stroked his hair and cuddled up to him beneath the sheets. I found it hard to sleep that night. The moon was very bright but the ghost of Ornella was no longer haunting me.

Saïd has left for work now. I am still bleeding but there was no miscarriage, no monster or at least no trace of it. He was right. This was just the product of my imagination. But there is a void inside me that only Dieter can fill. We decided we would stay away from each other after what happened to Ornella and never mention the subject again. But I will never forget what he said: ” but Electra you enjoyed it. Not just the sex. No, you enjoyed the killing. I know this. You enjoyed the killing.”

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