I wanna be a wild wild girl. No keeping my legs closed to be ladylike. I don’t give a damn about my reputation. I am not protecting my precious cherry. I lost it a long time ago. Some may call me  a slut, a slag or whatever. I am really not bothered. I have no catholic guilt left in me. Dieter, my German tutor, took care of that a long time ago. He taught me a lot of things and let ´ s say I’m  a very apt pupil. I shall talk about him later in another post.

I am a wild spirit, no one can tame me ( except him perhaps, and even then, I am not so sure), and nothing can stop me. I may have a bit of a dual personality  because to many people I look sweet and innocent. But I don’t feel bad about deceiving them and my private life is only of concern to me.

My real lfe belongs to the dark. I love the night with passion. I love men of all shapes and sizes, and above all, I love Dieter. I would do anything for him.

I am lying in my bed, giving myself pleasure. The moonbeams are entering my window. A glowing red moon is illuminating the sky. I close my eyes, savouring the moment… I am so happy to be alive. But I need more. I need them, my kindred spirits. Dieter taught me pleasure and pain. I can handle it. I am a strong and powerful woman, proud of her body. He will come to me tonight, and take me to another spot, a place where people with similar desires meet and have fun together.

I moan gently and eagerly await his coming. He has never let me down before.